Solve various engineering tasks with minimum time and cost.

We are a longtime experienced international commodity trading company, refunded under the name EASTERN EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY FOR GENERAL CONTRACTING & OIL SERVICES, based in the Middle East (Baghdad), Europe ( Vorónezh City, Russia, and expanding to new offices around the continent) and South America.

Currently we provide, among other international commodities, high quality Middle East and European Crude Oil (heavy and light) and all kind of Oil Derivates (Fuel Oil, Diesel, JP54, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, etc .) as well as all kinds of Gas (LPG, GNL, Propane, Butane, etc.) shipped throug Oman Free Zone, China, Russia or The Netherlandsas among others to any destination port worldwide.

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baghdad, iraq


07708885535 , 07722500070

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